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Porterhouse blues

The only blue issue here was the fact it wasn’t grass fed/ organic, but hey, it was an obscenely well padded chunk of cow, so I couldn’t resist. Hugh FW doesn’t know the origin of the name, and a quick internet trawl didn’t help either. Whatever the etymology, it’s somewhere between the wing rib and surloin. I’m not even sure we’ve had this cut before, possibly on a barbecue in California?  I portioned this joint up into 3 one inch thick beasts. I felt compelled to remove a little of the fat, save that for another outing. Hugh likes his steaks fried, and on this occasion, I followed suit, mainly due to the fact that the copious fat would just flame and soot the steak, not a good look or tatste.

Firstly, I lined up all the steaks fat side down onto a frying pan to melt some of the fat. Then, some fresh Asian shallots with a few inches of stem. Meanwhile the chips (desiree and purple sweet potato) on the go, in the MI inducing hardened coconut oil, copha. Then fried some bread in the beef fat with a little olive oil to help counter the only mildy atherogenic beef lipid. When golden, these came off and up went the heat. Three big steaks was a bit much for my burner, but we all needed to eat. Anyway, they didn’t stew. Some fresh rocket, tomato and cucumber salad, and in a effort to recreate home grated horseradish sauce, some Keen’s mustard powder and wasabi powder mixed together.