Bloody Nora-drenaline feast

The very fine butchers of Katherine ‘Eat beef ya bastard’ fame has some zany produce, not least litre containers of pigs blood. Now, when I bought this, I also bought some back fat with the plan to make some black pudding, something as yet unexplored. Cut to about 2 years later……

jones meat k

There is a bit of a lack of fine black stuff round these parts, so when needs must, refer to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Now I have to say I love Hugh a great deal, but his quantities for black pudding seemed a bit awry- 2litres of blood and 500g EACH of pearl barley and oatmeal, and 1kg of back fat, and 1kg of onions.image

I have to say I I didn’t weigh a thing. I soaked a cup of pinhead oatmeal overnight and then de-skinned the back fat, possibly 250-300g, and it looked about right. In it all went with a tablespoon of salt, a big grind of white and black pepper and a line of allspice (snort).


This is where it got a bit like a bad resus- pour in the blood. It’s interesting what the sight of a lot of blood does- I did warn my son, and I wish I hadn’t  fed him the line, but he wasn’t keen. He did take about 30 photos of me wrestling with the stuff though.


The Jug o’ blood (Pub name?)


Black hole

After clogging up one funnel I created one out of a Ginger cordial bottle, chopped off to make a cone, which worked pretty bloody well (there I go again). After tying one end of the casings up, it filled up like a dream to produce the coiled black hole- no light was coming out of this. Amazing. It was a bit fiddly to get rid of the air, which I didn’t succeed at 100%, but 95%…..

Now, one tip from Hugh was to gently poach them, but more importantly, when they burst, a little bit of you dies…..


Blood bath

So, bring on the gadget, yes, the sous vide. How about 80C- why not, that should clot the blood.



Lo and behold it worked- by the time the temperature was back up to 80C, they felt pretty solid, so out they came.


Insanely Beautiful

Beast 2 is keen, but no1, despite his liking for it as a toddler wasn’t quite so enamered. Steve and I enjoyed a post MTB ride snack, shown, Fresh bread, big coffee, marmalade, OJ and Worcester sauce. Wow.

So next time? May s few onions and perhaps a French style boudin with lots of cream? Or Spanish style with rice a smoked paprika?? Getting hungry just thinking about this……


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One response to “Bloody Nora-drenaline feast

  • Val Sargent

    Who else would attempt to make Black Pudding? Need a time in Emergency medicine or an apprenticeship with a bloody butcher or HFW.
    Sounds great and Dad is drooling at the very thought of a full English/Australian breakfast. Save some in the freezer for my next visit…Mum xxxxx

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