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Will and Tom’s most excellent sausages

Tom would like to use the homoerotic shots and themes in our advertising campaign, I’m not so sure. But there were sweaty, semi-naked artisans handling thin membranes and meat. Say no more.


These were truly leftover and recycled 100% noble in death porkers- not only did the shins get used for a medical suturing teaching session, they were then rescued by yours truly, for a divine gastronomic exit. I’ve had about 15 of these jammed into the freezer at work waiting for this.

The initial shin experiment involved 5 in a row on a rotisserie spit, cooked for about 3hrs in the Weber. I arranged them at right angles and separated by a small gap to enable faster cooking and hopefully a decent crackle of the skin. On a couple I sprinkled some Spanish smoked paprika, and on one, a bit of Herbes de Provence (+lavender), more suited to lamb perhaps, but why not. And two I left plain. They were divine- a strong, gelatinous porky meat encased in a superbly crackled skin. This was unctuous testosterone fuelled food, to be smothered in hot mustard, eaten with bare hands and washed down with fine ale, preferably served by buxom wenches…..

But anyway, the sausages. A delightful gift from Shona- 25m of sausage casings from here


We removed everything off the bones and chopped it into 2cm ish cubes for the mincer. Having experienced very good sausages at a Slow food Italian sausage demo including much skin, I was keen to include it, but this meant mincing on the coarse setting, mixing in flavourings (white pepper and parsley, salt) then putting them through the fine mincer- (we tried afried blob on the coarse setting but it was too resilient).

And there we were, ready to rock’n’roll slip n slide.


And here are the beauties- over 5lb of.


My god they were good, so good I forgot to take any photos of them cooked. Here are some cooked Christmas Indonesian snags- lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, galangal, green chili and shallot. Just with bought mince, beefed up with fatty pancetta but still dry. THEY NEED COLLAGEN.


Felix on Xmas pud duty, yes, with 10″ knife. Recipe courtesy of the most divine National Trust Puddings book, now reprinted. Inspired by the medieval meaty intro, I put some cubed beef cheek in the centre of one of them. This was a bit of a head fuck for some, but those willing I think were entertained.

IMG_4172[1] IMG_4160[1]IMG_4161[1] IMG_4186[1]

A couple of pre-xmas snacks, simply grilled lamb chop with green beans (verjuice deglaze of bbq), mint in cider vinegar, and then Xmas Eve, blackened salmon with Indonesian chili paste, and rather spikey Loufa.

IMG_4200[1] IMG_4199[1]  IMG_4216[1]

Arancini- leftover risotto, feta in middle, parmesan breadcrumbs, and baked in the oven with an lipid combo of olive oil, lard and butter,