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I think a parmesan grater is a perfectly fine leaving gift for someone. Personally, my Swiss Zyliss grater shown is one of my all time favourite pieces of kitchen euipment. They didn’t have any in Parap fine foods, but they had a nice Alessi retro stainless steel one. Amanda looked a little surprised by the chocolate/ grater combo, but has since found the joy of grating.

Design Classic

Design Classic

It made me think of my favourite pasta dishes, namely

  • potato and pesto
  • pizzocheri
  • paste e ceci

I had a breakthrough in the pesto creation a few years back when I realised that you could grate pine nuts very easily through my Zyliss. So, to make a reasonable quantity of pesto;

  • 1 large bunch of basil, leaves removed and splattered in good olive oil and chopped to oblivion on a chopping board with a large knife
  • 100g pine nuts (macadamia also v good, but be wary of other nut attempts….), put through grater
  • 2 cloves garlic (I don’t like it full strength vampire repelling)
  • 100g parmesan, grated

All stirred in with a fair slug of olive oil. This keeps realy well in the freezer.

As far as serving goes, cook pasta (dried) up with as much potato as you feel the need for- floury potato is actually good as it smashes up and absorbs the pesto in a divine fashion. Add a tablespoon of pesto per person (ish), more oil as required. Recently I’ve also added some chopped cooked ham. Don’t cook the pesto or the basil will of course discolour and lose its ‘zing’.

(Look under chick peas and buck wheat for my other two favourite pasta dishes)

Christ, I almost forgot the pesto pizza, which I’m sure has been described here previously. Sliced potato (and actually butternut squash works and looks amazing), roasted with some good fat, till just crisping. Transferred to pizza dough. When crispy, spead the pesto on top, generously. Might even beat the pasta delivery…..

in bits

in bits



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