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Whistle-stop Tour

Prawns and hollandaise

Bit of a rapid review tour here, having been too busy to write, but not too busy to cook.

I was trying to come up with a breakfast dish that would befit Christmas morning. Not for any religious reasons, but one that would go rather well with Champagne; smoked salmon and scrambled eggs being the common break of the fast on this day. So, the prawns here are mighty fine, and go very very well with a bit of the old fizz. I’ve often made prawn butter from the leftover shells, as you would lobster butter, but why not just cook the buggers in butter in the first place. See below- a pack of butter and that many prawns.

prawns swimming in butter

Prawns de-shelled, butter and debris sieved, and made into hollandaise. A poached egg, some Bok Choi and away we go. Perrier Jouet NV, hello.

Cherry and chocolate pizza

I don’t think I’ve ever made a sweet pizza, but I was heckled by the boys, and maybe Shona, so here we are. Sliced peeled pear and cherries with some sugar, butter, and grated white and black chocolate. Ooh yeah, baby, as Felix would say.

BBQ beef ribs

Nor have I barbecued beef ribs. A mighty fine cut of meat this is too, if unexpectedly pricey considering the amount of bone. There was a suggestion to stew these first, and I do remember my neighbours serving up some that required big cat like gnashers. So, I stewed these in a soy stock, and when just about to fall of the bone, covered them in a sweet soy glaze- reduced soy, honey, garlic and ginger, and then barbecued as above. Need to be more careful with barbecuing a sweet glaze next time, easy to burn……


Roo tail- wow, what a revalation. This one I got whole from meat direct and had to remove the skin with pliers as shown. Of course I should have chucked it in a ground oven, skin and all, and pulled it off after. Next time….This time I stewed it with my leftover smoked turkey. Towards the end I added butter beans, cherries and balsamic vinegar. Not really wet season food, well, wet season Scotland. Fascinating that they are really quite fatty, clearly this is where M. Roo keeps his fat, and maybe why they are considered special by Indigenous Australians. Watch this space.

roo and turkey with cherries


I cooked a whole roo haunch for Anna G’s birthday, and was inspired by a pal Anthony who posted some roo with chocolate sauce. Well, roo, like venison, needs fat (unless the tail of course as above), and what has more fat than our good friend from Holland, yes, chocolate Hollandaise.

  • 100g 70% green and blacks
  • 250g butter

Melted slowly together and whisked gradually into 2 egg yolks. Some Balsamic vinegar et voila. I had some leftover Hollandaise and served with some roo fillets below. For a tropical spin, some greenish mango to garnish, and mash (OK, not so tropical).

roo fillet and chocolate hollandaise


A colourful bbq platter for Australia day- gotta love blue cheese burgers- King Island Blue has a pretty intense hit.

Australia day