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Shin Shin

‘He liked the bit behind the knee’, our bush tucker guide said of her father. Now I don’t think I’ve ever eaten human, but if it’s anything like the more traditional source of meats, it must be good though probably not my skinny pins.

I had the shin left over from a leg of christmas ham, lurking in the bottom of the freezer, probably under the cockeral……

Dead easy to cook.

  • an onion stuck with a couple of cloves,
  • two carrots and
  • a bottle of pipsqueak cider from the wonderful Little Creatures brewery and simmer away.

Towards the end of cooking (i.e. the meat can cut with a table knife but not yet falling off the bone with a fork), I removed the veg and put some soaked (?haricot) beans in with extra cubed carrots and water to cover, and again simmered until soft.

Served with mashed potato, no milk in this mash as there is plenty of juice with the stew.

Second outing was with pasta. Now Shona often makes pasta e ceci where you make a sauce and then add the pasta to cook in the sauce. Well, this was a beany outing so why not do the same. A bit of water added, the meaty bits shredded, and cooked till the pasta was done, adding more oil/ water to avoid dryness. Lots of parmesan to serve.

The next set of shins was courtesy of some salt bush lambs. By god, these have become pricey, almost as much as the lil fillet steak. Weird and bizarre. Not so weird in that overall they are probably superior. They are now a fashionable cut i suppose, damn it!!

In the slow cooker with some thyme, bay leaves and a couple of onions. I don’t think I even had any wine to put in with these, but the herbs were quite enough of aromatic ass kick. Just a bit of water to keep moist.

The composition here was a bit of an unexpected success. I made some thyme and garlic butter- just a finely chopped wee clove with a big pinch of thyme leaves pulled off the twiggy stem, mixed in with softened butter. The mash had a copious quantity of chopped chinese chives in a well as olive oil and butter, naturally. The yard long beans had a dressing I made with anchovies, olive oil and lemon juice, and of course a soft boiled egg.

I wouldn’t have predicted all these strong flavours working, but they did. Probably too much for a very fancy bottle of wine, but a full bodied Rioja (Cosme Palacio) went down nicely.

There was one shank left over which  I also gave the above pasta treatment too a few days later; carrots once again, and some frozen peas too.