Maltastic Leavenation

I’ve been getting a bit tired of the multigrain flour from the supermarket, which seems to have a lot of linseed in it. As far as I’m concerned, linseed should only go near cricket bats, I really don’t see there is anything favourable to be said about it from a culinary POV.

This made me hanker for some granary bread and in the absence of Hovis Granary flour, how about a home effort? Shona found out that the grains are malted wheat or barley. The other flavour essential is malt extract itself, a tin of which we happened to have lurking. I picked up a bag of wheat and we soaked a handful for a day, then placed on damp kitchen paper until sprouted 5-10mm.

Then heated on a highish heat in a thick small saucepan until dark brown as shown, stirring constantly to get an even tan and prevent burning.

The final breadmix was

  • 3cups flour- 3/4 white flour, 1/4 rye (I had no wholemeal, maybe 1/2 next time)
  • a dessertspoon of malt extract,
  • the handful of wheat,
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1tsp yeast
  • 300ml water

Into the breadmachine on multigrain setting.

Butter, marmalade, yum.



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One response to “Maltastic Leavenation

  • Val Sargent

    Funny that – just cooked a great big bloomer with a similar mixture.
    Bread rise in breadmaker and then dough shaped on large baking sheet. Rise for 30 mins in the top of oven with a meat tin with about half litre of boiling water, in the bottom of the oven.
    Turn on the oven to maximum. The dough continues to rise whilst the oven is heating.
    After 20 mins turn the oven down to 7, 180 or 400.
    Cook until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped.
    Turn the loaf over if the bottom is not brown – say 5 minutes.
    Good with poppy seeds pressed on the raw dough

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