Hemicorporectomy in the sagittal plane

I once did a sirloin roast for Christmas and though lovely, it just didn’t sing out KERRRIIIIIISTMUSS Noddy Holder style. A bird, and the trimming is what is required. We got a 6kg bird from Mt Barker. Since I didn’t bring home any stragglers, and Elijah failed to show, the bird got a hemicorporectomy in the sagittal plane, which made for a far more sensible size of feast for five. And we had a ham too……

For breakfast I do like scrambled egg with smoked salmon. I once served eel to the family back in Blighty, but it didn’t go down too well, the smoked salmon has become something of a tradition, much like the Smith and Jones Xmas special circa 1988 where the Traditional Xmas punch was made……..

for the first time. ROFL.

The salmon caviar just keeps on coming, its like the frigging magic porride pot. But with a dollop on extra creamy scrambled egg on toast, a dash of tobasco and some Deutz NV sparkling it was a fine restorative brunch after present opening.

Look closely and you will see this is indeed a demi-dinde (French etymology, ‘of India?’). There were a few chunks of eucalypt hiding in there amongst the briquettes having failed to gather firewood before the wet. I just love the aroma it gives to meat. For a touch of Australasia, some lemon myrtle on the cut surface of the meat and once the coals were white hot, bbq lid covered and watched to check for cremation.

I made the traditional banana leaf stuffing for the second time. Clearly stuffing half a bird is tricky, and a stuffed bird on a spit is, well, just plain daft from a thermodynamic POV.

  • 500g minced pork
  • 6 asian shallots, chopped lightly fried with
  • 50g chopped pancetta
  • 150g toasted and bashed macadamia nuts
  • teaspoon roasted and ground cumin/ fenugreek
  • grated galangal
  • chopped lemon grass
  • 1 egg
  • handful of  breadcrumbs

Mixed by hand and placed on sheets of blanched banana leaf from the garden and barbecued over the embers til the banan leaf gets singed and the meat is browned.

Roast potatoes and sweet potatoes, carrots and cabbage, cranberry sauce and a leg ham glazed with local honey.

I forgot the bread sauce. Aaaahhhhhhgggg!!!!!!!! And the gravy was way too bitter thanks to reducing it with 2/3 bottle Fat Yak beer- note to self.


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