Bling Blini

These little treasures are a very fine way to appreciate vodka, the idea being to swig, eat and exhale. The olfactory hit is truly a revelation and not just a slightly safer way to get plastered. However, post xmas party debauchery, this was not on the cards. Essentially they are savoury yeast pancakes, which, as Jane Grigson points out are not just for caviar transporation, they are rather fine with all manner of bite sized Sovietness. On this occasioin, some Kiwi smoked eel and salmon caviar.

375g plain flour

3 eggs

1tsp yeast

300ml milk

30g melted butter

All combined to form a batter, and left until bubbles form- about an hour in Darwin. Then two spoons to make bite sized pancakes onto bbq plate smeared with butter. Cook on a medium non-smoking plate until golden. Flip when bubbles appear.

Another version, slightly more complicated leaves out the egg whites until the end, when they are whipped to peak and folded in, a superior airier result but not when hungover . Of course, the true blini should be made with about 40% buckwheat for that extra savoury edge. Goddamn weavils got to that though, grrrr.

Anyway, double cream with wasabi for a horseradish hit. Jars of freshly grated horseradish by Polish grannies are not easy to get hold of here. Again, sour cream would be more authentic. No vodka, but some Grant Burge fizz eased the pain.


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