Holy Scallops

In Tasmania scallops are so ubiquitous that they make a dodgy lumo curry pie out of them. I suppose this is reminiscient of the use of oysters in blighty before they went posh. Well, a new shop at the Rapid Creek Sunday market had a bag of bivalves of some description, claiming to be scallops. $30 you say, er, maybe not, no $3- really? Well they smelt divine and looked gorgeous, sleek and very fine with almost transparent shells. They must be local, impossible to be that cheap otherwise. I must ask next time what they are called.

I’ve often cooked clams or prawns with pasta, garlic, tomatoes and chili. Well, no tomatoes and the boys are somewhat averse to chili. At the market today, amongst other things, I bought some lovely little capsicums and a bunch of squeaky spring onions at the market today. So,

  • 2 small peppers
  • 2 spring onions (including most of the green)
  • chopped, and fried in a slug of oil (you want an oily emulsion for the sauce.)


  • 250g capellini pasta (3mins max)
  • Bag of wee scallops, washed (maybe 700g with shells, no idea…)
  • Cooked with their own juices in a covered pan. (some wine would have been nice….)

Scallop juice sieved into the veg, reduced a little,  then add the drained pasta.

The demanding guests (family) preferred the scallops de-bearded/ gutted. Personally I was too hungry and the grit was barely detectable. Maybe for polite company. I put a little toasted chili oil/ flakes on mine but not too much to destroy a very good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Stella Bella.


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