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Cow Arse In Wood Burning Stove

Cow arse

My continuing failure to cut down on the red stuff is shown in all it’s glory above. But hey, it was local from the Margaret river Gourmet Meats Butchery. This was a decent chunk and what better way than to grill over white hot eucalypt embers. Extreme indoor barbecuing, inspired by the indoor wood grill at the friend of a friends in Siena, and contunued with mild oil splatterring onto slate in Scotland. There really isn’t the need for such idiocy in the tropics, but 35 deg south, it was chilly. Now you can see the three gluteal muscle groups on the above cut- gluteus minimus, maximus and medius. Though different to human. Ummmm.

Extreme stoving

Err, more meat

Now then, two lamb shanks is not enough to feed a family of four so I made the cunning garnish addition of four chunky bacon steaks from the very fine McHenry Hohnen vinyard and farm shop. There is a butchery attached to the cafe and amongst many fine meats, they sell short loin bacon joints so you can cut them as thick as you want. It’s barely cured at all, but  is smoked, and tastes fantastic. The shanks I cooked with celery, onion, a carrot, bay leaf and a decent slug of Roger’s beer from the mighty Little Creatures brewery. When the shanks were falling apart, I took the squishy veg out and put in a load of chopped carrots. Some lovely mashed royal blue potatoes, chard and 3 Little Creatures beer (and maybe a LC’s bloody good cider?) to wash it all down with.

Having missed out on buying some live marrons from the Freemantle Market, we really had to get hold of some lobster- well, crayfish. Luckily in Augusta we found a reputable fishmonger selling cooked frozen local beasts. Having got the other beasts to bed we cracked open a bottle of superb chardonnay from Stella Bella (Serie Luminosa 2009), and ate as much as we could with chunks of sourdough and butter from the wonderful Margaret River Bakery. There was so much, we ate some for breakfast with scrambled egg in the morning, and then still had some left over. I managed to chill it (with some frozen meat) all the way home to make a crayfish and potato pizza, which was very fine too. Almost a budget meal then. Not.