Chili con Skippy and Bush Fusion Adventures

Not sure what the water footprint of ‘roo is, but I’m sure as hell (so, not very?), that it is less than our bovine fleisch. Looking into chili con carne, it seems to be a Tex Mex creation, not Mexican, which is maybe why cheddar seems to go so well with it. Just one of those crazy food marriage things. In fact cheddar goes with a few weird things, fruit cake, ginger cake and stout. And stout goes with…….

Anyway, on this child friendly achilic outing,

  • 2 finely shopped onions, browned in olive oil with
  • 2 big teaspoons cocoa
  • 1 cinammon stick
  • 1tsp ground cumin and corriander

Into the slow cooker with,

  • 1kg roo mince, browned in wee batches with lots of olive oil
  • 400g  red kidney beans, dry weight (mass actually), soaked overnight
  • 200ml Hungarian red pepper paste
  • 100ml passata

Topped up with water, and cooked for 8rs or so.

Served with chili flakes for the adults, some not so great homemade tortillas, lovely biodynamic polenta, tomato and cucumbers and cheddar on top. Coopers stout too.

Nothing to do with Skippy Carnage

Having bought a 2kg chunk of roo leg to play with, I portioned some up into chunks for kebabs. A rapid marinade of lemon myrtle and olive oil, then skewered with delicious green/ going red slender peppers and slowly grilled over gumtree embers. Couscous, with cucumber, spring onion, mint, and Rosella jelly with apple vinegar. Mild dysphoria lifted with this fine supper. Not bad for getting home at 5pm to on the table at 6. God I’m good.


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