10000 litre stare

This was what I wore when I looked up the reference after I berated a lentil knitting nurse for suggesting the ridiculous idea that the water footprint per kilo of beef was 14000L. Yes, PER KILO, really quite staggering, and amounting to 1769000L, or 1769 tonnes per beast.

So, in order to reduce the cattle population, Shona bought a whole fillet of organic beef from Meat Direct for a bewildering $45. Simon Hopkinson gives a recipe for Boeuf Bordelais using fillet rather than *entrecote. It would be a lot easier if an anatomist just got in there and named the muscles and the levels, say, wrt rib number etc. There’s an idea. Anyway, Simon’s preparation involves making a beef red wine reduction and a wobbly cylinder of marrow fat to garnish which sounds a sublime way to lubricte a potentially dryish cut.

In the absence of marrow bones, I went back to the other lubricant of choice, hollandaise sauce, and I still had some prawn butter to finish off in the freezer. I meant to slow fry the red pepper, shallot and loofah, but it stewed into a ratatouille affair. Leconfield Cab Sauvignon 2009, thanks to Rob.

* (=between the ribs??, which I think is equivelent to ribeye, not between the ribs at all, but ‘sur’  i.e. on, as in ‘sur the loin’–> sirloin)

PS- I did apologise to the nurse.

The above incarnation used the recipe below from Shona’s sister with the obvious addition of walnuts, which toast very nicely if you scatter them on top.

Yes, you read correctly, it is one cup of cocoa and even more sugar, hence this kept me going on the five day Alice springs mountain bike race, though a bit more salt next time. It beats overpriced lumo gnats piss ‘sports’ powder.


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