Chocolate badass

Chocolate brownie is such an inappropriate term; ‘pave au chocolat’ maybe? French wins hands down doesn’t it? Anyway, we’ve been making these quite regularly since visiting Shona’s sister in Auckland who had a recipe for one which included a cup of cocoa. Greenies sell a kilo of organic cocoa at a very good price from the Dominican Republic. Not sure of the level of democracy there, but hopefully better than Cote D’Ivore.

This recpie results in a fairly dense cake like brownie, which can be left a bit soft in the middle. I’ve added toasted walnuts and chili flakes as well as dark chocolate chunks. The recipe below is for a much denser slab of chocolate debauchery and on this occasion Shona threw in some frozen raspberries, fresh being a little sparse 11 degrees south of the equator. It sounds a bit wrong, but the tart little things cut through the fat rather well. I like putting a slab of this in some crusty white bread for breakfast.


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