I’m not sure which is my favourite pizza, mozzarella and tomato or potato. The potato has the advantage of being endlessly variable. Tonight I roasted thin slices of the wondrous tuber with olive oil and pancetta cubes, then tossed on some parsley and finally capers to serve. Beef marrow is very fine, as is pesto smeared over the potatoes as it exits the oven. Anchovy fillets hidden under the potatoes with a few slices of onion. But the very finest buffalo mozzarella and home made tomato sauce is difficult to beat. Hence we usually have both. For an attempt at departing from the norm I put four eggs on top of the classic, but it wasn’t great, just a bit soggy and, well, not right. I do like eggs on a pizza, and I remember having my first pizza with eggs in Norwich Pizza Express circa 1989. That was with spinach I think, although Shona thought a red pepper sauce might be the way to go next time. Hum.


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